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$2,595 Incl. GST.

Drying Chamber – dry your wood quickly and easily. Logosol’s drying chamber is a smart solution with a soft, insulated cover that is supported by an internal, rigid aluminium structure. The drying chamber retains the hot and moist air during the initial drying phase. If the drying chamber is installed outdoors, which we recommend, you use a two-layer solution, with a protective outer tent. The drying chamber together with the drying unit only weighs about 50kg, so two people can easily move it.

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$2,595 $2,495 Incl. GST.

Controls temperature and humidity for fast, effective wood drying. Max. volume 4m3. Kiln heater/control unit only - cabinet and other hardware not included.

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$328 $248 Incl. GST.

A simple easy to use sawmill jig for your chainsaw. Produce posts, boards, and slabs. Accurate results with a guiding rail, make your own guiding rail out of two boards. Hardware included.

  • Chainsaw not included.

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$48 $44 Incl. GST.

This device can be used to measure the degree of moisture within cut wood (as well as paper and cardboard) and hardened material (mortar, concrete and plaster). The moisture level is displayed clearly. The device can also be used to measure the temperature of the surrounding area.

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