$100 OFF Festool CT-MINI and CT-MIDI - plus free dust bags. [ENDED]

The Festool CT-MINI and CT-MIDI are ungergoing a minor physical upgrade to include a T-Loc style Systainer connector amongst a few other minor housing changes. Apart from that, the new version and the current "classic" MINI/MIDI have identical extraction and filtration specifications.

There's little practical difference between the two, but to clear out the "classic" MINI/MIDI stock we are offering them at $100 off plus a bonus pack of 5 disposable bags worth and additional $39 (MINI) or $59 (MIDI).

That's an all up saving of up to $159.

It's a great deal, but there is only a limited number available, so first to order get's them.

Click here for CT-MINI and CT-MIDI at $100 OFF plus 5 FREE DUST BAGS.

About the CT-MINI and CT-MIDI...

The Festool CT-MINI is a compact dust extractor with lots of power for its size, high performance filtration and easy to transport or store in the workshop under the bench. It has a container capacity of 10 litres and a bag capacity of 7.5 litres.

The Festool CT-MIDI is identical but it slightly taller and has an increased container capacity of 15 litres and a bag capacity of 12.5 litres.

Both have electronically controlled variable suction power, 3.5 metre anti-static hose, fine filtration, and auto on/off socket which switches the extractor on and off as the connected power tools is switched on and off.

Great small format extractors and inexpensive for a professional dust extractor for all types of trades and applications.