New and cordless TSC-55 plunge-cut saw.

It's been a long time coming but we finally have a cordless TS-55 plunge-cut circular saw. Years of rumours and patient waiting by Festool owners has finally resulted in...

The TSC-55 REB cordless plunge cut circular saw.

What we like about this saw...

  • The TSC-55 can use a number of battery combinations, making it suitable for Festool owners of 12V, 15V, and 18V battery systems. Possible battery combinations are:
    2 x 12V batteries
    1 x 15V battery only
    1 x 18V battery only
    1 x 15V and 1 x 18V batteries
    2 x 18V batteries
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor with as much practical power as the corded TS-55.
  • Excellent dust extraction for a bag system.
  • Can also be used with a dust extractor.
  • All the usual features of the TS-55 including quality of cut and tool features, with some further refinements over the TS-55.

You can find the new TSC-55 REB in our catalogue here.



This is what Festool has to say about their new saw...

Power and precision - unplugged! The cordless TSC 55 Plunge Cut Saw is the cordless version of the TS 55 R with the same high level of performance,torque and precision: with an impressive speed of 5,200 revolutions per minute. The combination of powerful lithium-ion batteries and the Festool EC-TEC motor produces uncompromising performance. MMC electronics provide soft start-up and constant speed under load. The saw sits easily on a guide rail for perfect straight guidance and exact cuts, even on an angle. The attachable splinterguard ensures cuts are completely splinter free on both sides. With a Festool Dust Bag or Dust Extractor, dust is removed immediately for a clear view of the cut and reduced cleanup time.

When we designed the TSC 55, we had your tasks in mind. Not only that, but our engineers spent countless hours with professionals just like you to achieve such an accurate versatile tool.

If you're carrying around a jobsite table saw or trying to drag heavy sheets of ply to a workshop table saw, you're simply making cuts the hard way. Experience how easy it is to make amazing cuts every time with the TSC 55 Plunge Saw system.



Guide rail precision - With the FS Guide Rail System, you'll get laser-straight, splinter-free cuts in seconds. Simply lay the Guide Rail between two points, and you have your cut line. Simple as that.

Micro-adjustable - Depth indicator features two cursor lines, for precise material processing on or off the Guide Rail.

Speed and power - The interplay of powerful lithium-ion batteries and the Festool EC-TEC motor produces uncompromising performance. Tool can be operated with 1 or 2 batteries for maximum performance or minimum weight.

Dust control - Direct dust away from the saw, user, and the material with a Festool Dust bag or connect to a Festool CT Dust Extractor for nearly dust-free operation.

Riving knife - An integrated riving knife keeps the cut kerf open and the material away from the rear of the blade, reducing the chance of kickback and leaving the user in control.

MMC electronics - Ensure a consistent speed under load, improving cut performance and protecting the saw's motor from thermal and current overload.

Easier blade changes - Changing saw blades is quicker and easier with the new FastFix saw blade system. The correct blade is fitted in just a few moves - meaning you can change the blade more often to suit the material you are working on.

Cut without splinters - With the Guide Rail Splinterguard and an integrated, replaceable Splinterguard on the TSC itself, you'll get splinter-free cuts, reducing rework and material waste.



TSC-55 REB specifications.
Battery Voltage min 15V to 36V
(any combination of Festool Li-ion batteries)
Saw Blade Speed Up to 5,200 rpm (2 x 18V)
Up to 3800 rpm (1 x 18V)
Saw Blade Diameter 160 mm
Bevel Cuts -1° - 47°
(positive stops at 0° and 45°)
Cutting Depth on Guide Rail 50 mm at 0°
37 mm at 45°
Cutting Depth w/o Guide Rail 55 mm straight down
43 mm at 45°
Arbor size .20 mm
Weight 4.6 kg(with 1 x 18V)
5.3 kg(with 2 x 18V)
High-quality Carbide Blade 48-tooth (491952)
Guide Rail 1400 mm
Splinterguard Yes
Limit Stop Yes
Lithium-ion battery capacity 4.2 Ah
Systainer SYS 5 T-LOC