Festool's new CONTURO edge banding system.

Introducing the new Festool KA-65 CONTURO portable edge banding system.

This is what we think of the new Festool CONTURO system..

  • So easy to use straight out of the Systainer - even for first timers.
  • Switch it on and off at will with NO WASTED GLUE. Uses easy to load solid glue cartridges which look like hockey pucks.
  • Edge banding 0-47° bevels with the optional stationary table kit. For the best of both worlds - a portable and stationary machine.
  • A small investment compared to large stationary machines, especially for a machine that can edge band bevels.
  • Rock solid construction.
  • We love the way the digital display tells you lots of relevant information, including a dynamic calculation of number of lineal metres of edge banding you can complete based on fitted edge banding width and glue remaining.
  • Innovative design enables results difficult to obtain using other machines and systems, like tight internal and external radius edge banding. Perfect for your new and innovative project design ideas.

Download the below system user manual to find out everything you want to know about the CONTURO edge banding system.

Click to download the full 85 page CONTURO user manual.

You can find the new CONTURO system in our catalogue here.


This is what Festool says about the CONTURO system...

The start of the perfect edge.

  • Easy, clean and efficient working progress and patented cartridge gluing system for quick colour changes
  • Precision glue application for a perfect join quality and maximum adhesion
  • Nozzle system that is easy to clean, machine housing does not heat up, allowing safe working progress
  • Adhesive melts according to requirements and does not boil, discolour or deteriorate
  • Easy to handle, perfect ergonomics, clear view of the workpiece
  • Perfect in a system - integrated in a complete system of accessories and consumable materials for achieving the perfect edge

Main applications.

  • Affixing wooden, plastic or laminated plastic edging to panel materials
  • Possible to attach edging to simple rectangular components or more complex free forms
  • Also as an addition to the machining centre, for affixing edging to complex free form and round elements
  • Suitable for mobile use, for rapidly reworking edges in situ
  • Suitable for stationary use and small batches, straight edges, free form elements and gluing inclined edges, angle from 0-47°


Safe thermal unit - Thermally isolated gluing unit ensures short heating times (approx. 8 min.) and maintains low surface temperatures – no risk of burns.

Free temperature control - Two pre-programmed temperatures, others can be programmed as required. Allows the use of different glues.

Clean cartridge gluing system - Convenient to refill and easy to change colour, exact quantity of glue melted and glue does not burn. Glue is not circulated, heats up rapidly and is supplied in precision doses.

Perfect ergonomics - Perfect weight distribution due to transversely mounted application system. Contact roller for better transfer of force along handles. Fixed edge guide transmits force to top of work piece edge regardless of the edging height, direct view of the contact roller.

Practical display - Display provides information on the glue quantity and reserves, set point / actual temperature, warnings, operating information. It indicates how many metres of edging can be processed with current setting.

Stationary application for greater versatility - Affixing edging to mitred surfaces (0° – 47°) and small pieces is also possible with the CONTURO, simply by inserting an adapter plate in the work bench.

Systems get it done - With additional roller for narrow curves or rigid edging material, plus holder for long strips of edging. The trimming machine create precised trimming, while the scraper is perfect for smoothing edges. The perfect edge finish is achieved with the edge trimming set.