Introducing the new BHC-18 cordless rotary hammer drill from Festool.

This is what we think of the new BHC-18 cordless rotary hammer drill...

  • A true electro-pneumatic cordless hammer drill that drills holes in concrete with minimal user fatigue.
  • We experimented by holding the drill down on a slab of concrete, using almost no grip at all (just enough to keep the drill upright and hold the trigger. We placed no downward operator pressure on the drill at all and the drill bit bored it's way through the concrete with ease.
  • If you don't need a large corded rotary hammer - the BHC-18 is a no brainer to own whether this is your first Festool cordless tool, or you want to expand your existing Festool cordless system.
  • Battery life is excellent because of the EC-TEC brushless motor. The latest Festool 18V batteries are now 4.2Ah capacity.


You can find the new BHC-18 ROTARY HAMMER drill in our catalogue here.


This is what Festool says about their new cordless rotary hammer...

Compact and light - without compromising performance - With its outstanding ergonomics, compact design and balanced weight distribution, the cordless rotary hammer drill BHC 18 can be guided firmly even with one hand. At just 2.4 kg it is the lightest tool in its class, which makes a real difference especially for overhead work. With vibration dampening, the BHC offers great working comfort for long periods of non-tiring work. All in all, the BHC 18 is the perfect solution for all applications for interior fitouts, on-site installation work, and for fastening tasks.The tool is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Main applications:

  • For drilling dowel holes
  • Drilling holes with pneumatic stop for dowels up to 18 mm in concrete, stone and masonry
  • For continuous use for interior fittings, assembly and for securing thermal insulation composite systems
  • Drilling and fastening without hammer impact, such as spot drilling tiles
  • Electrical socket cutting up to Ø 68 mm in lime sand brick and masonry

Strengths and benefits:

  • Drill in concrete with pneumatic impact or in tiles without impact
  • With vibration dampening, the BHC offers great working comfort for long periods of non-tiring work
  • Brushless motor with motor management for long service life
  • Easy to fix belt clip, suitable for both left- and right-handed users, also removable
  • Optimum lighting: with the built in LED light you can keep working even in dark corners
  • Battery charge indicator shows the remaining battery life
Compact & light - The BHC 18 has the best weight/power ratio in its class, enabling one-hand and overhead operation for a long period of time.

Anti vibration system - Vibration damping for effortless operation and high user comfort in any work situation. Longer-term operation Working without fatigue .

Intelligent electronics - Protects the tool, battery pack and operator against overload, excessive heat and voltage.

Long lasting - The EC-TEC motor offers maximum service life with extremely high efficiency at the same time, for performance that's powerful, while saving on electricity too.

High-performance Li-Ion battery packs - Providing maximum power Overload and overheating protection Can be charged, whatever the battery status, without compromising service life. 3 Year warranty on Batteries is available.

Ergonomic and precise - Ergonomic grip options: With your other hand on the tool or with additional handle. Depth stop can be fitted on the additional handle.

LED lighting - The BHC 18 comes with an integrated LED light which automatically operates when the drill is in use. The optimum light position ensures you can work with precision even in the darkest corners.