Extreme woodworking - Round 2.

Based on the number of views, our previous Extreme Woodworking article with videos has been the most popular thing I've ever posted. Here are a few more examples of 'extreme woodworking' folk showing us how 'clever' they can be.


Here we go again (don't worry, no gore)...

Although it looks like this table saw user did come close to producing some colour for our entertainment.


Now I like Canada and Canadians, but I'm beginning to worry about this guy. Nothing like using the right tool for the job? :-)



I can't tell if the Crazy Canadian is serious or these are just gags. Either way, he's endangering himself, his son and his wife's car.



Discussion topic.

Have you spotted any other 'clever' and 'ínnovative' power tool use on YouTube or in the real world?