WSE oscillating tool blades

WSE oscillating tool blades
What are WSE blades?

Made in Germany, WSE blades are high quality saw blades which can be used on a variety of hand-held oscillating saws. Some of the key manufacturers of these tools are Fein and Bosch. Blades are attached to the different saws by using an adapter.

There are three primary types of WSE blades:

  • Universal - cut through aluminium, copper and steel up to 2mm thick, hard plastics and timber with embedded nails.
  • Standard - quickly and cleanly cut through timber
  • Japanese - designed for even faster, cleaner cuts in timber
Why are WSE blades better than other blades?
  • Last longer - bi-metal construction and therefore are far more durable than competitor's blades. All WSE blades can cut through nails embedded in timber - even Standard adn japanese blades.  
  • Better value - because the blades last longer and cost about the same as other blades, WSE blades offer better value for their money.
Why use an adapter system?
  • WSE blades use different adapters for different brands of saw, as each manufacturer has it's own proprietary attachment mechanism.
  • You only replace the cutting blade, not the fixing mechanism making them less wasteful than other blades.
  • If you own more than one oscillating saw (Fein or Bosch) you use the same blades on all your tools once the adapters are fitted, making them easier to use and more convenient than other brands.

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