Multi jointer/planer MH-410 (with side cutter)

Stable jointer/planer with side cutter.

The multi-planer MH410 is ideal for your woodworking shop. For a modest investment, you get both efficiency and several valuable functions. The MH410 is a jointer/ planer H410 that has been equipped with a side cutter. You can joint two sides and then, in one operation, plane the other sides. With moulding knives in the side cutter you also get an efficient machine for moulding panelling or floorboards, for instance.

You save time and floor space!

  • You save floor space. Jointer, palner and moulder in one and the same machine. Can also be used for vertical milling with feed unit.
  • Compact and stable structure. You can watch the entire process while working.
  • The machine does not require reconfiguration between jointing and planing. you can rely on the machine to keep its settings since you do not have to fold up the tables.


Included with an MH-410:

  • Planing knives for top horizontal cutter.
  • Side cutter with planing knives.
  • Stable, tiltable side fence for jointer table.
  • Adjustable fence for side milling on the planer table.
  • Setting block for planing knives.
  • Toolkit.
  • Spacers (spacer rings for the side cutter).