Dimensioning table saw PS-315

High precision in the woodworking shop.

Almost every woodwork project starts with cutting pieces in a panel saw. The PS315 cuts just as well as larger professional machines. This machines compact design gives you outstanding stability, and you cut with millimetre precision. The stable sliding table runs on steel balls, a unique bearing assembly that gives you smooth operation and a fine cut. The circular sawblade has precision adjustment of height and angle. It operates without vibrations. The result is straight edges with smooth surfaces on both wood tops and timber.

Straight edges and smooth surfaces!

  • The machine comes ready-to-run with a 315 mm universal sawblade and a stable SUVA-guard.
  • All sawing angles are adjustable. The rip fence can be fitted standing or lying depending on the height of the workpiece.
  • Can be supplemented with accessories. Among other things additional extensions for the sliding table, quick clamps and sawblades for different purposes.


Included with a PS-315:

  • Extension table for additional suppport at the side of the sliding table, 500 x 350 mm.
  • Extension table for additional support at the out-feed side, 500 x 150 mm.
  • Adjustable rip fence.
  • Adjustable cross-cut fence on carriage.
  • Universal sawblade.
  • Sawblade guard of SUVA type.

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  • PS315 table saw : 3-Phase 400V with suva guard

    Dimensioning Saw PS315 incl. SUVA-Guard

    Regular Price: $9,533.00

    Special Price $7,450.00

  • PS315 table saw : 1-Phase 230V with suva guard


    Regular Price: $9,826.00

    Special Price $7,850.00

    Ask about availability - click here. Built to order. Ask about availability.

  • Extension tables for : rip fence: PS315

    Table Widening, 36'' x 17'' (900 x 440 mm)

  • Extra Clamp for MF-30 and PS-315

    Quick Clamp

  • 3-phase power cable - adapts EU to AU plugs

    For connecting 3 phase EU machinery to Australian standard 3 phase power.
    For Logosol 3-phase machines (excl PH360 and PH365) and extractors.
    Includes EU female plug, 7m of cable, AU 20A male plug.

    Ask about availability - click here. Usually ships next day.

  • Sawblade; Universal : 315 3,2/2,2 30 Z48

    Saw Blade, for ripping and cross-cutting

  • Sawblade; Cutting : 315 3,2/2,2 30 Z60

    Saw Blade, for cross-cutting

  • Sawblade; Ripping : 315 3,2/2,2 30 Z24

    Saw Blade, for ripping

  • Castor set, : 4 lockable castors

    Castor Set, 4 Lockable Castors

    Regular Price: $155.00

    Special Price $138.00

    Ask about availability - click here. Usually ships next day.

  • Guard SUVA PS-315

    SUVA-Guard for Saw Blade

  • Support table MF30 : 500x350 mm. (Slide)

    Carriage Widening, 20'' x 14'' (500 x 350 mm)

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