There are literally hundreds of multimeters, test equipment and tools available in the broader market. Most quality brands have a great selection of meters, but many are similar and only possess slight functionality or accuracy difference from their competitors that it can be overwhelming to choose.

We have spent many many hours researching and deciding on what are the more functionally unique and versatile meters to focus on, and eliminated most others which are (although good quality) very much me too models.

With this research done, and the results below, we hope to save you many hours of effort and help you buy your next piece of electrical equipment with more features, and get much better value for money.

Only quality gear is included here, lesser quality items, regardless of feature set, have been eliminated.

Key selection criteria and rationale:

  1. Safety – paramount creteria. Only quality and reputable devlices are included here, lesser quality items, regardless of feature set, have been eliminated.
  2. Functionality – A superior feature set is ideal. In many cases one device incorporating key functions from what would normally be found in multiple devices may cater to your needs better. Sometimes some of these extra functions may not be used at first, but there may be a time when one or more extra functions are relied upon and fully appreciated.
  3. Cheap vs Value – With points 1 and 2 in mind, expect to pay more for quality, inbuilt safety features, and highly functional devices: but also expect high value return on investment from these devices.
  4. Independent reviews – highly important, especially when buying over the internet. We have linked each device to review or demosntrations by respected internet reviewers and demosntrators, to assist you make your purchasing decisions.