HT ITALIA HT82 Portable Digital Phase Sequence Indicator

Portable digital phase sequence indicator. HT Italia HT82 model is a digital portable meter to perform the phase sequence indication measurement by connecting the standard test leads on L1, L2 and L3 phases of a generic three phase system. The meter shows the “R” indication in positive test and “L” indication in the opposite case. An acknowledgement of wrong cable connection it’s also detectable by meter.

HT ITALIA HT82 Functions:

  • AC voltage functional range from 40V to 690V
  • Frequency functional range from 15Hz to 400Hz
  • ‘R’ and ‘L’ indication at display
  • Detectable of wrong connection
  • LCD custom display
  • Protection holster
  • Safety: IEC/EN61010-1, CAT III 600V



  • 3 test cables + 3 alligator clips


  • Carrying case
  • User manual


AC Voltage functional range 40V – 600V
Frequency functional range 15Hz – 400Hz
Mechanical specification
Dimensions 130(L) x 69(W) x 22(H)mm
Weight (included battery) 130g
Power supply
External power supply directly from electrical network
Measurement method 3-wires
Features Custom, LCD, with “R” or “L” phase sequence indication
Standards and safety
Safety IEC/EN61010-1
Insulation double insulation
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category CAT III 600V
Max altitude 2000m
Environmental conditions
Reference temperature 23° ± 5°C
Working temperature 5 – 40 °C
Working humidity <80%HR
Storage temperature -10 – 60 °C
Storage humidity <70%HR
Max altitude 2000m


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