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Unique and innovative joining.

The DOMINO DF 500 Jointer was created for one purpose – to make clean, accurate joining easy for anyone.

Whether mitring or working in the horizontal or vertical position, its easy-to-use controls allow you to create perfect repetitive joints with little marking out and effort.

A patented routing principle eliminates kickback, and exact positioning is easy with the large viewing window.

Preset height adjustments, depth stop and retractable stop pins allow for quick and precise positioning of the DOMINO’s on a range of materials.

Efficient dust extraction is provided when used with a Festool Dust Extractor.

$1,699.01 Incl. GST.

Domino DF-500 machine in a Systainer. Includes 5mm cutter.

The unique hand-held mortising machine is the basis for the DOMINO system, for incredibly fast small and large mortise and loose tenon joinery.

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$340 Incl. GST.

As partitioned Systainer containing an assortment of 1060 dominos in all sizes plus 5 cutters (4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm).

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$145 Incl. GST.

Empty SYS 2 T-LOC Systainer (497564), contains boxes with flexible compartment divisions for DOMINOs

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$125 Incl. GST.

The Seneca Woodworking Dock Plate XL is an accessory that makes the repeated mortising of small pieces such as trim pieces or face frames quick and effortless.  It attaches to both the Festool Domino DF 500 and Domino XL df 700. Workpieces can be located with repeatable accuracy using the adjustable stop, which can be installed in three locations on the plate.  Two locations for a Kreg Automax Bench Clamp allow easy left-hand or right-hand operation of the clamp. The Dock Plate XL will save you time and money by speeding up your workflow for mortising small parts.

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$116.50 Incl. GST.

Easy to transfer repeat hole spacing between 100 and 205 mm with the cross stop – without marking the workpiece.

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$109 Incl. GST.

Allows trims that are 22–70 mm wide to be quickly positioned in the centre and fixed in place – ideal for frame part joints.

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$100.50 Incl. GST.

For joining handrails, large dowels and other round workpieces, dia. 35 - 60 mm

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$53 Incl. GST.

perpendicular support bracket with retractable stops
for reducing the offset to centreline from 37 mm to 20 mm

COVID delays... Festool advise ETA 27/11/2020. Pre-order now for earliest possible delivery.
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$28 $23 Incl. GST.

The Seneca Woodworking Dock Plate Stop works with our Dock Plate XL to accurately locate your workpiece for mortising.  The Dock Plate XL can be used  with up to three stops at a time (one is normally included with the Dock Plate XL).

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