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$185 Incl. GST.

Safe and systematic – sundries such as nails, dowels, screws, saw blades and screwdriver and drill bits are arranged tidily and always remain close at hand. The transparent cover and swivelling top compartments provide a clear overview of the contents of the lid. The SYS-SB can be configured individually using a selection of plastic containers in different sizes.

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$145 Incl. GST.

Empty SYS 2 T-LOC Systainer (497564), contains boxes with flexible compartment divisions for DOMINOs

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$135 Incl. GST.

The intelligent order system for the construction site.

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$129.50 Incl. GST.

The SYSTAINER with 2-in-1 function: mobile workbench with stowage space. The SYSTAINER with a lid in perforated board format offers a perfect work space for the flexible attachment of workpieces using clamps and adhesive cushion strip for the non-slip storage of tools. In addition, tools and accessories are always stored close at hand.

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$104.50 Incl. GST.

The SYS-ToolBox is the clever all-rounder for every tradesman.

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$45 Incl. GST.

for SYS 1-5 T-Loc
dimpled insert (for lid), base insert and diced insert

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$36.50 Incl. GST.

not able to connect with SYS 1, SYS 2, SYS 3, SYS 4, SYS 5, SORTAINER

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