The guide rail and the Festool brand go hand in hand.

After all, who else other than the inventor can look fondly back over 40 years of experience developing and refining a guide rail system for their tools?

Festool applies a wealth of experience in manufacturing guide systems and accessories for the toughest demands, consistently aiming to achieve perfect working results more quickly, easily and efficiently.

$485 Incl. GST.

for sawing along the width
same dimensions may be re-set using the scale and end stop
mounting on the guide rail without the use of tools

$289 Incl. GST.

for angle cuts on guide rail between 0 and 180

$169 Incl. GST.

with fine depth adjustment and support for router

$165 Incl. GST.

for carrying smooth, non-porous sheet materials
for fixing guide rail to smooth, non-porous surfaces

$125 Incl. GST.

for clamping and positioning the Festool guide rails FS and FS/2

$105 Incl. GST.

replacement slideway lining for guide rail
10 m length

$58.58 Incl. GST.

to fix the guide rail at the GECKO

$52.50 Incl. GST.

used as a rear and front stop position on guide rail FS/2
can also be used as guide stop

$45 Incl. GST.

prevents suction hoses and cables from catching on the end of the guide rail

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