The new OF 1010 R Router

Fine routing work – versatile and precise

Versatile, precise and easy to handle. The new OF 1010 R is the router for fine routing work – whether guided freely or on the guide rail. Thanks to its double column clamping, compact size and low weight, it can be guided along edges, lines or curves with high precision. It impresses with its wide variety of possible applications, including routing profiles, grooves, rebates and dovetail joints.

The most important factor for routing is precision

For torsionally rigid routing with an optimal routing result, the two guide columns of the routing table are simultaneously clamped on both sides. This makes cumbersome and time-consuming finishing work a thing of the past. In addition, precise work is enabled by the OF 1010 R’s clearly visible work area, which offers a clear view of the router.

Perfectly simple: Fine adjustments and cutter changes

Another factor that plays a crucial role in the router’s precision is its easy-to-use depth adjuster. It takes just a few seconds and minimal effort to adjust the routing depth of the OF 1010 R accurate to a tenth of a millimeter using the dial. Moreover, the work area around the collet has been designed to be open, making it easily accessible so that you can change to the optimal router for the relevant application quickly and safely.

Ergonomic, lightweight design

When developing the new router, we not only placed precision, but also ergonomic routing and healthy and safety at the centre of our focus. Its compact design, low weight and ergonomic handle mean that the new router rests particularly snugly in your hand and make guiding the machine safe and comfortable. In conjunction with a mobile dust extractor, the unique chip deflector directly on the router ensures a dust-free working environment when edge routing. Moreover, the bayonet fitting enables the new router to be easily and safely connected to the D 27 and D 36 suction hoses.

Routing with a versatile accessory system

Unconditional quality is uncompromising. For this reason, machines, routers and accessory parts are available as a coordinated, versatile and efficient system. Its wide variety of accessories – such as routing tools, routing templates, the LR 32 holes series system, guide rails and the VS 600 jointing system – means that its possible applications are virtually unlimited.



$1,199 Incl. GST.

Extremely versatile. Extremely precise. Extremely easy to handle: Whether guided freely or on the guide rail, the OF 1010 router is the ideal one-handed device. Thanks to its size and low weight it can be guided along edges, lines or curves with just one hand. For routing profiles, grooves, rebates and dovetail joints – the OF 1010 impresses with a wide variety of technical solutions.

$196 Incl. GST.

angle arm WA-OF and edging plate UP-OF are needed for the flush trimming of projected edges

$118 Incl. GST.

with locking nut
for cutter shank Ø 6,35 mm (1/4")

$118 Incl. GST.

with locking nut
for cutter shank dia. 8 mm

$110 Incl. GST.

needed to copy workpieces in conjunction with the copier scanning set KT-OF

$105 Incl. GST.

for use of routers OF 900, OF 1000, OF 1010 with the FS guidance system
complete with support

$95.50 Incl. GST.

for fast and dimensionally accurate adjustment on the parallel side fence
can be retrofitted

$66 Incl. GST.

for cutting radii, circles and decorative curves on surfaces and edges

$62.50 Incl. GST.

for joining system VS 500 / VS 600 and for edge trimming

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