An impressive all-in-one package.

Festool’s OF 1400 router is our most versatile router, producing 1400 watts of power in a machine that weighs less than 5kg. Small enough to be extremely manoeuvrable, its large 70mm routing stroke ensures sufficient depth when recessing fittings or routing with templates.

Tool-free copying ring changes and quick, easy cutter changes allow you to adapt the router to the work piece efficiently, and accurate depth setting with zero function allows routing depth to be adjusted quickly, without the need for recalculation.

Used with a dust hood and a Festool Dust Extractor, up to 99% of all chips are extracted during edge routing.

$299 Incl. GST.

for optimal extraction when routing edges
baseplate with support extension

$169 Incl. GST.

with fine depth adjustment and support for router

$94 Incl. GST.

hard-fibre base with 20 mm centre bore
reduces the opening of the router to the cutter diameter

$65.50 Incl. GST.

for optimal extraction when routing edges

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