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Festool’s OF 2200 router offers the most powerful low-end torque, highest routing precision, and top ergonomic comfort. Producing a massive 2200 watts of power, even routing in the thickest, hardest materials is performed to perfection.

The double column clamping system guarantees accurate routing height, and all important controls are within easy reach to allow both hands to remain on the machine during use. When used with the side stop or guide rail, the offset guide rods ensure easier routing in difficult materials or for long periods.

With a Festool Dust Extractor, up to 99% of all chips are extracted during edge routing

$335 Incl. GST.

With fine adjustment and support plate for router
Without guide rods ST-OF 2200/2

$309.50 Incl. GST.

With fine adjustment and extraction hood
Without guide rods ST-OF 2200/2

$179 Incl. GST.

for copying rings < 30 mm
With openings for optimised extraction

$110 Incl. GST.

for optimal extraction when routing edges

$82 Incl. GST.

extra long safety copying ring D30, 21 mm high, required for use of reversible blade cutters 497455 and 497456

$69 Incl. GST.

guide rods for side and guide stops

$63.50 Incl. GST.

for shank support Ø 6.35 mm and Ø 8 mm for centring the copying rings

$43 Incl. GST.

Allows use of US industry standard 2 piece threaded guide bushing assemblies with OF 2200 router.

Contains Offers
$0 Incl. GST.

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