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A construction site saw with both pendulum blade and plunge saw action.

Convenient and safe with the hinged cover. For easy sawing and a clear view of the saw blade, just press the lever on the front handle. And just like that, the hinged cover releases the saw blade.

Plus plunge-sawing. Similar to the TS-55 plunge saws, the HK-85 can also be used as a plunge saw for the best of both worlds.

Scribe mark = cut. Precision work, even with mitre cutting angles of up to 50°. When working with the HK 85 in combination with the guide or cross cutting guide rail, the cutting edge will always follow the scribe mark edge exactly, even when mitre cutting.

Sophisticated stop system: The cross cutting guide rail has a stop system which allows angle cuts from 0° to 60° to be made with repeat accuracy – in both directions. Ideally suited for serial cutting, e.g. facade formwork.

Precision guidance: The HK 85 demonstrates its versatility when combined with the Festool guide rail system, too. So, for example, insulation boards can be cut to size quickly and accurately using the FS 1400/2. Additionaly, the new FSK cross cutting guide rails bring a whole new dimension, see below.

And many more features you would expect. Based on the pedigree Festool’s leading TS-55/75 plunge saws, the HK includes many of the usual features you would expect from a Festool saw, including FastFix blade change, electronic blade brake, fine depth adjustment, riving knife for safety, viewing windows, and more.

FSK cross cutting guide rail for precise cross and mitre cuts.

One click and you’re done. Coupling the HK 85 with the FSK cross cutting guide rail, which is available in three lengths, is incredibly easy. In no time at all, you have a mobile, easy-to-handle mitre-saw system for precise and accurate angled cuts.

 In the first HK 55/85 introduction video, skip to 5 min 30 sec to jump straight to the HK 85 saw.


$485 Incl. GST.

for sawing along the width
same dimensions may be re-set using the scale and end stop
mounting on the guide rail without the use of tools

$289 Incl. GST.

for angle cuts on guide rail between 0 and 180

$165 Incl. GST.

for carrying smooth, non-porous sheet materials
for fixing guide rail to smooth, non-porous surfaces

$125 Incl. GST.

for clamping and positioning the Festool guide rails FS and FS/2

$105 Incl. GST.

replacement slideway lining for guide rail
10 m length

$58.58 Incl. GST.

to fix the guide rail at the GECKO

$52.50 Incl. GST.

used as a rear and front stop position on guide rail FS/2
can also be used as guide stop

$45 Incl. GST.

for low-splinter cuts to the right of the saw blade
can be used with or without guide rail
5 pack.

$45 Incl. GST.

prevents suction hoses and cables from catching on the end of the guide rail

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