The KS 88 is the Festool workhorse, particularly suited to site work, but also equally at home in the workshop. With all the essential benefits of it’s feature rich brother (KS 120) it offers ease of transportation, effortless fast cuts, FastFix blades changes, easy to read scales and lots more.

It is so impressive, at a glance you would be pushed to tell these two machines apart.

The KS 88 shares the same precision, effectiveness and innovative design as it’s advanced bigger brother the KAPEX KS 120.

$1,099 Incl. GST.

simple folding in for transport
(trimming attachments KA-UG-R and KA-UG-L included)

$255 Incl. GST.

TCT circular sawblade with neutral hook angle and triple chip teeth, perfect for cutting wood, wood derivatives, nail embedded wood, plexiglas, plastics, non-ferrous metals, mild steel and Corian.

$195 Incl. GST.

Smart bevel for transferring angles to the sliding compound mitre saw
for interior and exterior angles
bisecting angle is generated automatically
no calculations required

$165 Incl. GST.

workpiece clamp for securing workpieces
can be used on the left or right
included in the scope of delivery of the KS 120

$157.50 Incl. GST.

stop for positioning crown mouldings at an angle also used for securing the table extension KA-KS

$41.50 Incl. GST.

for securing the KS 88/120 to the multifunction table

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