Watch the above videos for detailed explanation of the CS-70 advantages, operation and limitations.

The PRECISIO CS 70 EBG shows its size and power when cutting workpieces up to 70 mm thick, both in the workshop and at assembly sites. Doing the job of two different saws, you can change from cross cutting to rip cutting in just a few hand movements, moving the splinterguard minimises splintering on both sides of the blade. Despite its size, the CS 70 is easy to transport and can be set up instantly thanks to foldaway legs and low weight. All elements of the trimming saw are easily controlled via the multifunction handle. Whilst the smart table groove allows you to easily slide clamps into place to secure your workpiece. It also comes with neat accessory storage and integrated transport rollers for greater mobility.

Main applications

  • Cross cuts up to 320 mm wide
  • Cross cuts up to 226 mm wide at 45 degree angle
  • Rip cuts up to a depth of 70 mm
  • Rip cuts up to 680 mm wide with the use of accessories
  • Cutting thick material on site or in the workshop
  • Assembly work

Main Specifications

Power consumption 2200 W, Variable speed 2000 to 4200rpm, Saw blade diameter 225mm, Cutting height (90°/45°) 70/48 mm, Inclination -2 to 47°, Main table dimensions, 690x500mm, Table height (legs folded) 375mm, Table height (legs unfolded) 900mm, Dust extraction connection dia. 27/36mm, Weight 34.5kg.

Choose CS-70 version

  • The CS-70 saw table with Angle rep/cross cut fence, and Y-hose.
  • Or, the SET VERSION with above CS-70 plus additional accessories (rear and side extensions, sliding table, rip fence).
$1,045 Incl. GST.

easy and quick to assemble and dismantle

$815 Incl. GST.

with adjustable dimension scale
easy and quick to assemble and dismantle
for safe and precise width sawing
extends the support area by 411 mm

$595 Incl. GST.

simple fitting, pivoted, work surface 570 mm long
for safe support of long workpieces when sawing to width
extends the support area by 580 mm

$579 Incl. GST.

with fine depth adjustment and rear clamp, can be operated from front, with moveable stop profile for precise and safe longitudinal cuts

$100 Incl. GST.

to stop workpieces on trimming attachment CS 70 WA, CS 50 WA and Basis WRA 500

$100 Incl. GST.

for positioning workpieces on trimming attachment CS 70 KA, Basis KA 100/200 and KA-KS 120

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