$43 Incl. GST.

Upgrades the SVD-180 jig to the new version SVD-185. For sharpening of turning cutters.

$39 Incl. GST.

For grinding away from the edge.

$39 Incl. GST.

For protecting the machine from shavings and wood dust.

$38 Incl. GST.

For setting and measuring any edge angle from 15� to 75�. For any stone diameter from �250mm down to �150mm. Suits both the T-4/T-3/1206 and the T-7/2006.

$28 Incl. GST.

For carving and carpenter’s axes. The head of the axe supports freely on the rubber lined stop so you can follow the shape of an individual edge, straight or curved. Max axe size 170mm.

$15.77 Incl. GST.

For application on the leather honing wheels. Grain size 3 micron (average). Removes the burr and polishes the edge to a mirror finish.