TORMEK Diamond Wheel Coarse (DC-250)

$610 $585 Incl. GST.

  • This coarse wheel gives an efficient steel removal and rapidly repairs a dull or damaged edge.
  • The grit size is 360.
  • You can sharpen all types of material, incl. steel, ceramic and carbide.
  • Fits Tormek models T-8, T-7 and previous models with a 250 mm wheel diameter.
  • 150ml Anti-corrosion concentrate is included with every Diamond Wheel.
  • Always use the concentrate in the water when sharpening with water to prevent rust on the grinding wheel. Add 10ml of concentrate to 250ml of water.
  • Tormek’s Diamond Wheels are constructed with a precision machined steel frame. The frame is coated with a single layer of diamond grit that is electrolytically anchored with nickel.