Chainsaw Chain - Automatic Sharpening Robot (12V)

Chainsaw Chain - Automatic Sharpening Robot (12V)

It is important to ensure your chainsaw chains are correctly sharpened. What needs to be so "correct" then?

  • The correct tooth cutting angle needs to be exactly the same. 5-15 degrees for ripping. 30-35 degrees for cross cutting. Left and right side teeth need to be the same.
  • The correct tooth top-plate angle needs to be exactly the same. 60-70 degrees for ripping. Usually 50 to 60 degrees for cross-cut chains, or as specified by the chain manufacturer. Left and right side teeth need to be the same.
  • Every tooth needs to be the same length after sharpening. Left and right side teeth need to be the same.
  • All teeth must be equally sharp.
  • Depth gauges (rakers) must be the correct height relative to the newly sharpened teeth.


Sharpening with a high-quality electric sharpener is one of the best ways to achieve a correctly sharpened chain.

Our AUTOMATIC CHAIN SHARPENING ROBOT takes electric chain sharpening to the next level of accuracy and efficiency.

The sharpening robot automatically advances the chain to the next tooth, automatically drops the head to sharpen the tooth, raises the head and advances the next tooth... and repeat. One all the left teeth have been sharpened, pause the machine, rotate the head to the right teeth side, and restart. Now all the teeth, left and right sides, are perfectly sharp, exact same angles, exact same tooth length. Perfect and correct sahrpening!

Sharpens ripping and cross-cutting chains, wide variety of chain types and angles including 1/4", 3/8th, 3/8th LP, .325 (excluding .404 and skip tooth chains).

You can also sharpen depth gauges (rakers) with the provided flat grinding disc.

12V operation for use in the field.

Includes 4mm and 6mm grind wheels for cutting teeth and depth setting rakers. Optional diamond wheel also available.

NEW Logosol ORANGE model now available.