The search for perfection forms the basis of our daily work. The products Festool launches onto the market always incorporate impressive practical details that exceed the expectations of our customers. Take this new vacuum clamping system VAC SYS for example, which makes the seemingly impossible become possible: clamping without limits and no marks left behind.

Take a look at this impressive new Festool solution and discover the clamping system of the future. A new feeling of freedom: clamping without limits.

The vacuum clamping system VAC SYS enables you to machine the workpieces from all sides in a single working step. No time-consuming readjustment. Work on the main surface, along the edge or along curves that require 360° rotation of the workpiece and a swivelling range of 90°. The system redefines the concept of freedom and creates the perfect conditions for healthy, ergonomic working progress.

$1,050 Incl. GST.

The Festool vacuum clamping system makes the seemingly impossible become possible – clamping without limits. The proven vacuum-based suction clamping provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for any project with non-porous work pieces up to 30 kg and 1 m². High quality plastic pads ensure no marks are left behind, even on highly polished surfaces, [...]

$425 Incl. GST.

to connect the VAC SYS clamping unit with the MFT 3

$185 Incl. GST.

for VAC SYS SE 1 or combination of VAC SYS SE 1 with VAC SYS SE 2
for releasing the vacuum pad

Contains Offers
$0 Incl. GST.

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Contains Offers
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