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$2,595 $2,495 Incl. GST.

Controls temperature and humidity for fast, effective wood drying. Max. volume 4m3. Kiln heater/control unit only - cabinet and other hardware not included.

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$328 $248 Incl. GST.

A simple easy to use sawmill jig for your chainsaw. Produce posts, boards, and slabs. Accurate results with a guiding rail, make your own guiding rail out of two boards. Hardware included.

  • Chainsaw not included.

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$200 Incl. GST.

Made for Bessey dealers, these three racks were used in our own workshop to hold lots of clamps. Two of the three have some timber added to the top, routed out to nicely take Bessey k-body clamps. The multiple steel cross bars are for storing many other Bessey (and other brand) clamps. The racks are on four castors for moving around the workshop to where clamps are needed. We found this much more useful than having the clamps on a wall and having to go back and forth to get clamps to the bench. These racks are not normally available to end users and only available to dealers. Only three of these racks available, the first two ordered will be shipped the versions with the added timber for k-bodies. The last one without can be used as is of course, or a DIY grooved timber made to fit if you wish. Images taken in our workshop. Clamps not included. This is for one rack of the three pictured. If you wish to order more, add multiple to your cart.

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