The Log Wizard is a one of a kind chainsaw attachment that turns your chainsaw into an an amazing new tool. The Log Wizard gives you the freedom of time and the value of creation. Simply attach the Log Wizard to any saw and it springs into action as a debarker, planer, jointer, notcher or post sharpener.

The Log Wizard is fitted with two 82mm planer blades to give a wide cutting surface on the log. These blades can be sharpened several times by a qualified
facility, or replaced with readily available replacement blades.

The Log Wizard’s unique drum design allows for the easiest blade transfer possible, saving you time and money. The single construction drum design ensures a lifetime of hard work from the Log Wizard.

The Log Wizard boasts these features:

It’s a PLANER.
Uses standard 82mm (3 1/4″) planer blades.
Comes complete with a universal spline/sprocket system.
The supplied sprockets will accommodate all pitches of chain .325 and 3/8th.
The Log Wizard can be fitted to most chiansaw bars. Installs in less than 10 minutes.

How much does the Log Wizard weigh?
The Log Wizard weighs 1.36kg.

Will the Log Wizard fit any chainsaw?
We recommend putting the Log Wizard on any petrol powered chainsaw that comes with a factory 16” bar or larger. This is typically a chainsaw with sufficient power to effectively operate the Log Wizard.

Can I install the Log Wizard on an electric chainsaw?
We do not recommend installing the Log Wizard on an electric saw simply because most electric saws are not powerful enough to run the Log Wizard. This will result in the Log Wizard skipping and jumping along the log.

How many drive sprockets come with the Log Wizard?
There are two drive sprockets – a .325 sprocket is installed on the Log Wizard and there is a 3/8 sprocket in the box as well. You will need to determine the pitch of your chain and then use the appropriate sprocket. These are the two most commonly used sprockets, should they not fit your chain please visit your local chainsaw dealer.

How many blades are in the Log Wizard?
There are two blades in the drum of the Log Wizard. They are three and a quarter inch planer blades.

Are replacement blades available?
Yes, replacement blades are readily available. Please visit your local tool store or order from the selection below..

Can the blades be resharpened?
Yes they can. We recommend using quality sharpening system and/or jig to ensure accuracy when re-sharpening; or take your blades to a qualified blade sharpener.

How far out of the drum should the blades be extended?
The blades should only be extended 0.8mm. Extending them further will cause excess wear and tear on the machine.

How long will it take to debark a log?
This depends on the type of bark, amount of dirt and debris that is in the bark as well as how large the log is.


$400 Incl. GST.

Log wizard with 3/8th and .325 rim sprockets to fit chainsaws with those pitch chainsaw sprockets. Includes guard for chain bar.

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