The Logosol TIMBERJIG is a low cost professional chainsaw mill where you use our Timberjig attached to your chainsaw, and easily build your own guide rail from two boards. Instructions included. Perfect for milling logs where they lay on the ground. Mill slabs, posts, boards. Mill logs up to 60cm diameter short or long depending on your rail length.

[vimeo 118472316 w=500 h=281]

You will be surprised at the high quality finish you can get from chainsaw milling. Especially if you use quality ripping bar and chains – see packages.

Once you have two flat surfaces, the Timberjig can be used without the DIY rail, and simply use the built in fence to set the desired board or post thickness. In the case of boards, once you set the thickness, you keep making slices for each board without no further use of the DIY rail or resetting the jig. The previous cut surface becomes the guiding surface the the next cut.

FYI – Chainsaw, DIY rail, or clamps not included. Brackets for making the DIY rail are included, so are the extension nuts for mounting your chainsaw to the Timberjig. The Timberjig fits many chainsaws, but requires your chainsaw has two chain bar bolts/nuts for which the included extension nuts to fit.

The Timberjig can also be upgraded at a later date to a Big Mill Basic by adding our rail system and rail supports. Contact us if you wish more information on this.

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