Festool Hybrid Sander Line Offers Cordless Freedom

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3 Models to choose form

  • ETSC 125mm Eccentric Round
  • DTSC Delta (iron shape)
  • RTSC Rectangular

The Festool Hybrid Sander will be available in three different models. The ETSC 125 is a 5″ random orbit sander, the DTSC 400 is delta-shaped for sanding in corners, while the RTSC 400 has a rectangular shape. Festool Hybrid Sander

All of these sanders have the ability to be used corded or cordlessly. Used cordlessly, the sanders use a 18V 3.1Ah battery pack and weigh only 3.08 lbs. At full power, the battery runs for up to 30 minutes. A brushless EC-TEC motor affords the new Festool Hybrid Sanders an no-load speed range from 6,000- 10,000 RPM.

Additionally, all of the models in the hybrid line carry Festool’s integrated dust extraction – something the brand is well-known for. The user can attach a reusable dust collection bag to the air output or with one of Festool’s mobile dust extractors.
The Festool Hybrid Sander also features a rubberised grip for comfort and control, a pad brake for optimal pad control, and a guard for protecting pad and surfaces from damage.

Unique power options

The uniquely designed cordless compact sanders provide unparalleled mobility with the same powerful performance you’ve come to expect from Festool tools. Our new range of cordless sanders feature a hybrid design that provides you with the option to switch from working Cordless (with the Ergo Battery) to Corded (with the Mains Power Adapter).  

The powerful 18 V Ergo battery pack ensures cordless freedom with plugged in performance. It is the key to an extremely compact design with balanced weight distribution and perfect ergonomics, weighing in at just 1.4 kg. Thanks to the 3.1 Ah capacity, the Ergo batteries have a greater run time than their charge time, meaning you can work uninterrupted. 

For unlimited working time, the battery pack can be swapped for the plug it power adapter allowing for continuous use. This is ideal for bench mounted use and in combination with a Festool Mobile Dust Extractor.

Dedicated dust extraction combined with the Longlife dust bag provides exceptional dust extraction performance and allows for flexible handling of the tool. For non-tiring work even overhead, on vertical surfaces or in hard to reach places. 


  • Full freedom of movement, with no cables
  • Compact, minimal design with a handy 18 V Ergo battery pack
  • Effortless operation with a weight of just 1.4 kg


  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with an 18 V Ergo battery pack
  • High material removal rate for efficient operation
  • Work tirelessly and without interruptions thanks to 3.1 Ah battery packs, which spend more time running than they do charging 


  • Continuous electrical operation possible when needed using the plug-it mains power adapter
  • The right abrasive for every job including Interface Pads for delicate work pieces
  • Less reworking with Protectors – for careful sanding along shutters, frames and panelling.


  • Optional dust extraction using the reusable long-life dust collector bag or with Festool Mobile Dust Extractors
  • Dust bag or suction hose is securely connected to the sander via the new CLEANTEC connection system

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