Every woodworker needs these three saw blades on their table saw.

Continuing from the previous post with Stumpy Nubs videos and table saws, here is an excellent video on why a woodworker would want three different blades on their table saw.

Below this video are links to help Festool table saw owners identify and order relevant blades.


Although not showing a Festool table saw in particular, James Hamilton uses his SawStop* cabinet saw to demonstrate plenty of excellent table saw know how, processes and safety tips.

* SawStop is now owned by Tooltechnic Systems (best know for their Festool tools) and has incorporated SawStop flesh sensing technology into their Festool TKS-80 table saw.

It’s understood James has not used a blade guard in these videos for the sake of clarity, but as he reiterates in many of his videos; he does at all other practicable times. Watch his videos of table saw safety the the importance of blade guards, splitters and riving knives. See these videos on Table Saw Safety. Please USE YOUR BLADE GUARD!

Choosing blades for your Festool table saw.

These are the main woodworking blades a Festool table saw owner may need.

Universal Blade for cross cut and rip cuts. The TKS-80 comes fitted with this blade.

Fine Tooth Blade for minimal tear out cross cuts and rip cuts on plywood, fine veneer, and fine woodworking cuts. Also excellent on melamine sheets for minimal to no chip out.

Panther Rip Blade for ripping thicker or dense timber, or for achieving faster rip cuts on thinner material. Especially useful for ripping many Aussie hardwoods.

TKS-80: Universal BladeFine Tooth BladePanther Rip Blade

CS-70: Universal Blade – Fine Tooth Blade -Panther Rip Blade

CS-50: Universal Blade – Fine Tooth Blade – Panther Rip Blade

Note: The CS50 has a proprietary FastFix blade mount system (a flower petal patten hole for the arbour) so it is difficult to get off-brand blades.

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