Table saw safety by Stumpy Nubs.

Stumpy Nubs is an excellent woodworking journal and YouTube channel which shares a lot of information on table saw techniques.

Some videos well worth watching are on table saw safety.


Although not showing a Festool table saw in particular, James Hamilton uses his SawStop* cabinet saw to demonstrate plenty of excellent table saw know how, processes and safety tips.

* SawStop is now owned by Tooltechnic Systems (best know for their Festool tools) and has incorporated SawStop flesh sensing technology into their Festool TKS-80 table saw.

It’s understood James has not used a blade guard in these videos for the sake of clarity, but as he reiterates in many of his videos; he does at all other practicable times. Watch his videos of table saw safety the the importance of blade guards, splitters and riving knives. Please USE YOUR BLADE GUARD!

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